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The MIOS companies offer an extensive array of capabilities to their clients, helping them to stay ahead in an ever-changing world. Some capabilities are provided by several MIOS companies, some are unique to only one. But whether shared or diversified, the capabilities provided by the companies under our strategic business unit are strengthened through the common experiences, best practices, and depth of resources we offer together—a powerful portfolio of services that benefits you, the client.

Advanced Analytics

Information is only as powerful as the understanding that comes with it, and the ability to act effectively is dependent upon it. We provide a comprehensive analytics portfolio that integrates data science, aggregation, and storage as well as offering multimedia and graphic design support to effectively articulate your organization’s actionable insights.

Architecture & Engineering
From facilities design to construction management, MIOS’ civil engineering capabilities plan, improve, and create the optimal environment in which our customers operate.
C&E Maintenance
Streamlined and reliable communications equipment and software is what we provide to our customers wherever their operations occur. We provide integrated logistics support in the service of technically complex devices to ensure your mission remains connected.
Cloud Computing
Maximize the impact of the cloud on the mission through manageable, secure solutions. The MIOS companies’ cloud-based capabilities include planning and strategy, deployment, and data and systems migration.
Protecting the mission. From computer network defense, to information assurance, to certification and accreditation, the MIOS companies apply decades of experience protecting some of the world’s most sensitive data and communications.
Data Visualization
Informed, data-driven decisions are powered by the ability to quickly identify and act on emerging patterns, trends, and possible threats. Data Visualization transforms representation of data to provide situational awareness and critical insight into any organization or mission.
Asset management is a critical element of our customer’s image and environment. We provide well-kept facilities and fleet maintenance services to increase productivity and mitigate cost and customer risk.
Information Technology
Effective Information Technology (IT) relies on people, products, and processes. The MIOS companies deliver all three, offering depth of experience in enterprise services, data and network management, operations and maintenance, and data center operations.
MIOS provides studies and analyses, technology planning, and capability assessments to support a range of functions for our customers, providing them with the best metrics and analysis for decision makers.
Language Services
MIOS’ language services play a vital role in bridging the gap between cultures and mission objectives across the globe. Through training, transcription, and translation we enable communication and facilitate cooperation to advance the mission worldwide.
Logistics & Transportation
We provide logistics and fleet infrastructure support assisting locations with security, chain of custody, condition assessments, asset, personnel, and fleet management, as well as infrastructures and information.
Records Management
For secure, accessible records management, MIOS provides digital transformation, and processing and archiving capabilities. Save space, preserve documents, stay compliant, and easily find important materials to manage your organization’s critical information.
Software Engineering
MIOS’ innovative software engineering capabilities integrate the needs of your organization and your end user. Applying UI/UX, Agile methodologies, collaborative tools, and web apps and interfaces, our companies engineer advanced solutions that support your mission.
Staff Services
We provide alignment, clarity, and direction, as well as project planning, acquisition support, program management, and resource management to ensure the best people are working on the best projects, to achieve the best results.
Strategic Communications
MIOS helps organizations define mission, message, and identity, and develops strategic plans to maximize audience engagement across the entire enterprise. From analysis and planning to design and deployment, we help brands, business, and government agencies connect with stakeholders to tell their stories.
Systems Engineering
Through multiple programs, MIOS supports high-profile customers with advanced systems engineering solutions and services. Our companies deliver system architecture, analysis and integration, test and evaluation, and workplace anthropology to verify, validate, and improve operational performance.
Training & eLearning
MIOS’ in-depth corporate training capabilities encompass the most advanced methods of curriculum development, online and classroom delivery options, and subject matter expertise in intelligence, security, and law enforcement. Our interactive course development, instructional design and delivery, and multimedia capabilities result in eLearning solutions that transform the user’s skills and understanding.
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