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What is ANC Sole-Source Contracting?

As an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), Chenega MIOS offers a unique, agile, flexible, and streamlined sole-source procurement option to federal customers. As SBA-certified 8(a) entities under Chenega Corporation, our companies’ sole source contracting provides federal customers with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) provisioned acquisition methods to maximize current contract performance, continuity, and scope, and to achieve small business goals.

Implemented Flexibility

ANC sole-source procurements provide federal customers with the advantage of agile and scalable contracting solutions. Following SBA approval, they allow for open discussions and direct negotiations. Additionally, ANCs can offer sole-source procurements protected from protests.

What Does an Accelerated Timeline Look Like?

Sole-source procurement can be completed in weeks and provides federal customers with immediate contract workforce retention and work continuation. Open discussions of scope and workshare can occur throughout the procurement process immediately following SBA approval. The MIOS 8(a) companies provide our customers insight and decades of contracting expertise to help tailor pre-award requirements – achieving the highest quality post-award outcomes.

ANC Sole-Source Process (3 to 4 weeks)

  1. Develop SOW
  2. Identify Budget
  3. Submit Sole-Source Solicitation to SBA
  1. Receives SBA Response within 5 Days
  2. Negotiate and Award Contract
  3. Start Performance

8(a) ANC companies are eligible to receive sole-source contracts from the federal government for up to $100M for DOD and $22M for non-DOD without Justification and Approval (J&A) and more than $22M with J&A, offering an unlimited contract.

8(a) ANC Contracting Advantage
8(a) ANC Contracting Advantage
8(a) ANC Contracting Advantage

Standard Procurement (12 - 18 Months)

  1. Develop SOW
  2. Identify Budget
  3. Identify Contract Vehicle
  4. Develop Solicitation
  5. Post Solicitation
  6. Amend Solicitation
  1. Receive and Evaluate Responses
  2. Establish Competitive Range
  3. Discussion, ENs, FPRs
  4. Award Contract
  5. Protests & Associated Delays
  6. Start Performance
Advantages of Sole Source Contracting
Advantages of Sole-Source Contracting

Sole-source contracting through the Chenega MIOS companies provides powerful benefits to federal customers, like greater speed, flexibility, and reliability. Learn more about how 8(a) ANC contracts work, for the contractor and the customer.

Accelerated Procurement Timeline

An accelerated procurement timeline, without the disruptions and delays resulting from complex evaluations and potential protests.

Schedule Risk Reduction

Pre-award schedule risk is no longer an issue due to the non-protestable nature of ANC sole-source procurements (13 CFR 124.517).

Flexibility and Reliability

Flexibility and reliability through direct negotiations (13 CFR 124.503) allows us to truly understand our customers mission goals and competitive threshold exemptions (48 CFR 19.805-1) allow for uninterrupted workflow.

Virtually Unlimited Sole Source Ceiling

ANCs provide Federal customers with a virtually unlimited sole-source ceiling for most service based contract opportunities due to higher J&A than other small disadvantaged business groups (48 CFR 6.303-1).

MIOS 8(a) Companies

As part of the Chenega Corporation, many of the MIOS companies are SBA-certified 8(a) ANC entities. Learn more about the MIOS companies that provide this streamlined, sole-source procurement option.


Chenega Agile Real-Time Solutions

Chenega Agile Real-Time Solutions (CARS) was created with the purpose of providing integrated enterprise IT support to Federal customers both CONUS and OCONUS. CARS employs Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with decades of experience working in the Federal marketplace.


Chenega Analytic Business Solutions

Chenega Analytic Business Solutions (CABS) provides federal agencies and commercial customers trusted insights in Records and Information Management, Administrative Solutions, Information Technology, Engineering, and Training. Formed in 2017 to serve federal and commercial customers, CABS is 8(a) certified and has grown quickly into a leader in the federal IT and Training environment.


Chenega Applied Solutions

For the better part of a decade, Chenega Applied Solutions (CAS) has served federal agencies and the DOD as trusted advisors. Formed in 2012, Chenega Applied Solutions has evolved into a global professional services integrator that employs hundreds of people at locations across the globe.


Chenega Defense and Aerospace Solutions

As one of the newest Chenega companies, Chenega Defense & Aerospace Solutions (CDAS) was developed with the purpose of providing expert Engineering and Technical Support Services to federal customers.


Chenega IT Enterprise Services

Chenega IT Enterprise Services (CITES) offers forward-thinking technology solutions to federal agencies and the DOD. Formed in 2016 to serve federal customers CONUS, CITES has grown quickly into a best practices leader for the modern federal enterprise.


Chenega Systems

Chenega Systems (CS) provides federal agencies empowered solutions in Cybersecurity and Data Visualization. Our Subject Matter Experts offer decades of experience working in the federal marketplace and the data visualization environment.


Chenega Worldwide Support

Chenega Worldwide Support (CWS) is a premier provider of Architecture and Engineering support services to federal customers around the world. Founded in 2016 to support federal operations OCONUS, CWS holds true to its mission that no matter the location, we are there to get the job done.


Cyberstar is a comprehensive digital user experience company that focuses on business process, new software and initiative implementation, user and software design environment experience, and data and cloud infrastructure.


Kapsuun Group

Kapsuun Group (KG) provides federal agencies and the DOD with a customer-focused partner that has quickly become one of the established industry leaders in software engineering and intelligence operations. Mission success and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities.

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